The Day of The Black Sun

It just 3 days before the New Year. Thanks God I still can pass 2007 with honorable moments I'll never forget.


Well, I've been on vacation last week so I almost forget what to write about. That's why this will be the special holiday report.

The day of the black sun, just like the title of Avatar, believe it or not, in my college hometown, there had been an error on the weather. I call it "The Day of The Black Sun".


If you live in Indonesia or East Java especially in Surabaya and Lamongan, you may consider that most of us don't see any sunshine since 5 days ago. The sky is soo cloudy than I had ever expect in 3.5 years since I live in here. No sunlight, it's rainy day, cloudy sky, and I can't go out hanging around. It's soo windy. And the worst is, there have been disaster in East Java city like Tulungagung, Kediri, Trenggalek, etc. Can you imagine living in such a place like that?

But thanks God, the weather is getting good along this time. I hope this will be over soon.

Well, that can be a warning for us, human being to keep our earth save.

Anyway, let begins our new year with new hope

Clean Your House To Save Our Earth

The headline "Clean Your House To Save Our Earth" seems so awful and make me lazy when I write this. Especially "The House" thing. I know that we as a human now can get a better place to stay than our ancestor had.
Now what I'm going to tell you is, the one thing that is so easy right now to do to save our earth is..


Because when we clean our house, we will live in a clean and fresh surrounding place to stay, when you ever learn about subconscious mind, you'll know that environment can affect our mind.
It has a great effects too. If you can control your subconscious mind then you can control your conscious mind too.

So It will be more easier to us to save our earth when we save our house first. What I mean with clean our house here is, you can clean your bathroom, you can groom your house, you can clean your garage and many more as long as your house stay clean and healthy.

To save the world outside, you must conquer the heroes within you first. I believe if we can make our house clean, that will be a small step for the giant leap for us to save our earth.


Smiling Earth

After a long and long journey, most of the human makes the earth like this
Look at that picture, just like an old man isn't. And old man that need our help to save from the pollution, environment challenge, global warming, climate changes, or whatever that mostly unresponsible human makes.

The fact is
- Earth is the only planet on which water can exist in liquid form on the surface (until now)
- Earth is referred to as the BLUE PLANET. WHY? Because from space, the oceans combined with our atmosphere make our planet look blue (beautiful like your girlfriend, isn't? that's more reason to save our earth like you protecting your girlfriend).
- Only 11 percent of the earth's surface is used to grow food (Woow,,)
- 70 percent earth material contains water ( that's mean you can swim as fun and as far as you can, if you keep the ocean from pollution of course)
- And only 3% water of the earth is fresh, rest 97% salted. Of that 3%, over 2% is frozen in ice sheets and glaciers. Means less than 1% fresh water is found in lakes, rivers and underground.
- The world’s population has been increased 3.1 billion in last 40 years ( this mean more people are crawling on this earth, it is our duty to save our earth).

Well, from the fact, now what do you think about our earth, amazing isn't?
God gives us the earth so we as human being can live in here.

LOOK!!! those monkey smiling and say thanks to you because you has save their homeland.

Save Our earth

Well, look at the picture.
What a cute bear isn't?
Yeah, I love bear, and you, you like it too isn't?

Just like the big white bear said, if we don't save our earth, chance to save them from extinction are project to minimal.
But if we save our earth from now on, not only chance to save those cute white bear, but the chance to save our world being projected to maximal.

Like the old man said, "it's not too late to save our earth now."
And like the young man said, "ohh yesss, just save our earth now an take action!!!"

Bali Climate Summit 2007 (2)

Indonesia has planted millions of trees to soak up an estimated 50 000 tons of greenhouse gases to be emitted during United Nations-led climate talks in Bali.
The government of Indonesia is dedicating the carbon stock of the trees to offset the emissions produced by the UN meeting
More than 10 000 politicians, officials, activists and journalists are expected to attend the December 3-14 talks on the tropical resort island. Delegates will discuss ways to widen a UN-led fight against global warming to all nations.
Anyway I hope that million of trees will be plant outside Bali too and of course to all places in the world. Not only during this meeting, but also after the meeting finish too.
The oxygen we get from the trees can neutralized the climate change effect.
The good news is, some countries are already on the road to becoming climate neutral, with Norway aiming for 2050, Costa Rica planning to be climate neutral by 2021, its 200th anniversary of independence, and New Zealand on 2025.
Your country next?
Take action right now and save our earth.

Natural Climate Changes VS Hurricanes

ScienceDaily (Dec. 13, 2007)
— Natural climate variations, which tend to involve localized changes in sea surface temperature, may have a larger effect on hurricane activity than the more uniform patterns of global warming, a report in Nature suggests.

In the debate over the effect of global warming on hurricanes, it is generally assumed that warmer oceans provide a more favorable environment for hurricane development and intensification. However, several other factors, such as atmospheric temperature and moisture, also come into play.
Drs. Gabriel A. Vecchi of the NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and Brian J. Soden from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science analyzed climate model projections and observational reconstructions to explore the relationship between changes in sea surface temperature and tropical cyclone 'potential intensity' - a measure that provides an upper limit on cyclone intensity.
They found that warmer oceans do not alone produce a more favorable environment for storms because the effect of remote warming can counter, and sometimes overwhelm, the effect of local surface warming. "Warming near the storm acts to increase the potential intensity of hurricanes, whereas warming away from the storms acts to decrease their potential intensity," Vecchi said.
Their study found that long-term changes in potential intensity are more closely related to the regional pattern of warming than to local ocean temperature change. Regions that warm more than the tropical average are characterized by increased potential intensity, and vice versa. "A surprising result is that the current potential intensity for Atlantic hurricanes is about average, despite the record high temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean over the past decade." Soden said. "This is due to the compensating warmth in other ocean basins."
This is a very intersting articles I get from the net. I will post all articles related to SAVE OUR EARTH in here.
Interested, read more

Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect refers to circumstances where the short wavelengths of visible light from the sun pass through a transparent medium and are absorbed, but the longer wavelengths of the infrared re-radiation from the heated objects are unable to pass through that medium.
The trapping of the long wavelength radiation leads to more heating and a higher resultant temperature. Besides the heating of an automobile by sunlight through the windshield and the namesake example of heating the greenhouse by sunlight passing through sealed, transparent windows, the greenhouse effect has been widely used to describe the trapping of excess heat by the rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
The carbon dioxide strongly absorbs infrared and does not allow as much of it to escape into space.
And also incoming radiation doesn't get reflected back.

What Happens to the 69% of the incoming radiation that doesn't get reflected back:
* 19% gets absorbed directly by dust, ozone and water vapor in the upper atmosphere. This region is called the stratosphere and its heated by this absorbed radiation. Loss of stratospheric ozone is causing the stratosphere to cool with time, which, of course, greatly confuses the issue of global warming.
* 4% gets absorbed by clouds located in the troposphere. This is the lower part of the earth's atmosphere where weather happens.
* The remaining 47% of the sunlight that is incident on top of the earth's atmosphere reaches the surface. This is not a real significant energy loss.

Well, what else can I say

Indonesia Forest

Save Indonesia forest
Never has the threat to the world's forests been more acute nor the risk of dangerous climate change so imminent. With up to one-fifth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions being caused by forest destruction, these problems are intimately linked.
Forests there are being destroyed faster than any other major forested country, for logging and to make space for yet more oil palm plantations.
The massive amounts of greenhouse gases being released by deforestation and forest fires make Indonesia the country with the world's third-largest greenhouse gas emissions. We should take our concern about this. If we don't take any action, large number of O2 will be disappear in the next few years.
In Indonesia, large forest fires periodically occur with an interval of 3 to 5 years, due to an unusually long dry season. It is well known that in 1982 and 1983 in East Kalimantan the fire-damaged forest area amounted to 3.5 million hectares. Smoke from forest fires in 1991 and 1994 caused disturbance of air and marine traffic in neighboring countries. Forest fire and smoke control must be the target of highest priority for the Government of Indonesia right now in the next 2008.
This is the endgame for Indonesia's precious biodiversity. As Indonesian (I am) and as the world citizen, we must act quickly if we want to save Indonesia forests.
Go save Indonesia forest

New World Climates

Save Our Earth,
Geographers have projected temperature increases due to greenhouse gas emissions to reach a not-so-chilling conclusion: climate zones will shift and some climates will disappear completely by 2100. Tropical highlands and polar regions may be the first to disappear, and large swaths of the tropics and subtropics will reach even hotter temperatures. The study anticipates large climate changes worldwide. That's mean we only have as much as 100 years to fix this problem, global warming could change our current world climate zones, which would affect where crops are grown and even drive some plant and animal species to extinction, all in the next 100 years. Imagine the world like that. Do you want this happen to your family?
We all can make a difference. Even if it just a little thing that we do, just save our earth. Let's campaign this theme to our loved ones, our family, our society, and our world.
Save Our Earth.

The World Without Global Warming

Check out this great photograph I've found on the net. What a beautiful landscape. The world without global warming.

I think the world without this problem is a great world. Just live like the old man does. Everything is a fresh air, peaceful life.
Well, you want one, do you?

5 Top Things You Can Do To Reduce Global Warming


Well, you don't want to be eaten like that guy in the next 5 years, don't you
Here's 5 Top thing you can do to reduce global warming

1. Reduce Garbage
Buy products with less packaging and recycle paper, plastic and glass. Save 2,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year. That's mean you have to buy more natural product or food like fruit and vegetables (fresh only). Composting helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of trips trucks must make to the landfill as well as the amount of methane released by our landfills.

2. Plant a Tree
Trees provide a microclimate and sustained moisture for you. Trees suck up carbon dioxide and make clean air for us to breath. Save 2,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year. Wherever you live, you have to apply this.

3. Buy Products Locally
Do you live in New York and going to buy X-BOX in Japan? Buy locally and reduce the amount of energy required to drive your products to your store.

4. Buy Organic Food
The chemicals used in modern agriculture pollute the water supply, and require energy to produce. Besides, organic food are more healthy than manufacturer food.

5. Take Action!
Nothing will get faster result than to act now!!!


Southeast Asia's Climate Challenge

Climate Change
Where do you live?
South East Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China, east of India and north of Australia. The region lies on the intersection of geological plates, with heavy seismic and volcanic activity.
If you live in South East Asia, then read this
Or if you live outside South East Asia please help us to stop the climate change.
Southeast Asia is possibly one of the most vulnerable areas in the global-climate-change scenarios now being put forward by scientists. Many of the region's estimated 500 million people live in either low-lying river deltas or far-flung islands that will be inundated if waters rise significantly. In Indonesia, many island disappear because the increasing of water on the sea.
Some idea of the damage that climate change could cause over time was witnessed in the tsunami that inundated and destroyed coastal settlements on Indonesia's Sumatra island early in this millennium.
(Asia Times)
Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and the rest of the region will face a great disaster.
Human caused climate change is a reality. Fortunately, there are proven energy solutions we can put to use today to provide sustainable development and energy for all. Will this energy transformation occur rapidly enough to avert the worst effects of a warming world? You will help decide the answer to that question.
Take ACTION!!!

Bali Climate Summit 2007

This week there will be World Summit about environment in Bali, Indonesia (my homeland). This summit is held by UNO and Indonesia got the chance this time to be the number one stand fighter against global warming. The UN-sponsored climate change conference offers a critical opportunity to provide political answers to the scientific warnings on global warming. Other issues include tackling the greenhouse effect, and how the international community can prevent climate change are the main topic in this summit. The conference brings together more than 180 countries together with experts and non-governmental organizations. It's kinda great to see many country in the world fighting together against the global warming. Let's keep our world safe. Protect our future against global warming!!!