Free Gift and Free Stuff

Free Gift and Free Stuff

Here's the free gift session for this blog. Actually I'm planning to make money while entertaining the readers and saving the earth on this blog. And after several blog I made that fail. I think it's the right time to build it again. And while saving this earth together with you I want to share you the free tool you can use just for you. Absolutely 100% free. Just leave it if you think this isn't useful and do me a favor to write your comment about what will work in this blog for you and I'd be glad to help you. Thank you, save our earth and enjoy...

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As soon as I found another thing I will update this page.
Thank you and don't forget to throw your cola can to the trash right after you read this post. And that's just one small thing you can do to saving our earth.

Save Our Earth, Exercise Yourself First, Lesson from Avatar 313

Save Our Earth, Exercise Yourself First, Lesson from Avatar 313

Okay.. I did it. This is my first time I had jogging in the past 2 years just for exercise. I feel soo fresh right now. Maybe I will change the topic in this blog. How to save our earth and save our lives too :).

Now I realized too keep ourselves on track, we must have the fire within, we must have the purpose, our natural driven. Not only to save our earth, but to save our lives too In the Avatar, Zuko said that when he lost the fire inside him, he's getting weak and powerless. But when he find a new purpose to lives, suddenly the fire inside him greatly explode. And the new firebender master was born.

Didn't know what I mean? Just watch Avatar_313 here and find out the truth. If you live in Indonesia you're so lucky because you can download Avatar 313 there..

a few days ago I got my fire back again. I can feel the power. But I can't explode it well, maybe this is because I'm not sure again about the great power I have. But I believe along with this live I will get the true power in my hand.

So the one thing I do for saving our earth today is EXERCISE.
Because EXERCISE can make you healthy and if your body is healthy then saving our earth will be much easier and you can control yourself wisely.

Okey.. just do it and SAVE OUR EARTH!!!

New Look

Okey. I think this is a wonderful template but need some adjustment. Interested ? you can get this template and other great blogger template here. Enjoy..


I'm sorry for your inconvenience. Seems like my blog has a serious template problem. The comment and image seems disappear. I'll fix this as soon as possible

Save Our Earth, Save Yourself First

Save Our Earth, Save Yourself First...

Okay, I really hate this. In my life I just want to get healthy right now. I've got the right knowledge. And I've got the right timing. I can sense it, I just don't know where should I start

It makes me confuse. I believe I have to do something right know to fix my body condition. In 2 years ago. I can wake up freshly at 4.30 AM and doing activity intensely and energeticly and get sleep at 11.00 PM and wake up early again. You know, seems my power is gone. Maybe it's because I never go exercising myself over the past two years or maybe I'm too lazy to do the healthy things.

I'm stronger when I was 11 than my real age now.

What I learn is, if you want to save our earth, we need to save our body first.

That's why I must get healthy. If you have a tips to stay healthy maybe you can share it with me.

Feel free to add your comment. I will be very grateful for your appreciation.

If you get healthy, then saving our earth will be much easier because our energy is fulfilled with one great purpose.

To save our earth, at least one thing I can do right now is just throw the rubbish into the garbage and not smoking. I hate smoking. I can't breath well when there is someone smoke beside me. Smoke, smoke, smoke, maybe a little is okay, but if you smoking too much then you have invite the danger to your life, and the plan to saving our earth will be crash before you even reach it. Just do one thing and it will be accumulated day by day, week by week, and years. Okay I have to go exercising myself right now, maybe I can start with jogging for 1 km. Or because it was night already, I think I will do it later tomorrow at 5.00 AM ( look, I'm so lazy am I?) Like Nike said, just do it and save our earth

Remember, save our earth, save yourself first.

Bojonegoro Flood

Bojonegoro flood is one of the greatest disaster in first day of 2008.
Well, just in case we are celebrating te new year, our brother in Indonesia need our help.

I think this is the right time to do the save our earth thing.
Indonesia's main island of Java was hit by further flooding on Tuesday, bringing the total number of dead or missing people from recent rain-related disasters to 121, officials said. And unfortunately, most of the disaster get into the province of mine, East Java.

More than 60,000 people have been displaced in Central and East Java since the Bengawan Solo river burst its banks due to heavy rains, causing widespread flooding and several landslides.

My city, Lamongan, was only 1.5 hours far away from Bojonegoro.

In Bojonegoro, East Java, the floodwaters were as much as two meters (6.5 feet) deep, submerging homes, shops and other buildings, and paralyzing a large part of the district. Thousands are suffering, they lose their homes, they contract diseases and also the have less supply of food.

I have so many friend in Bojonegoro. I hope all of them will survive from Bojonegoro flood.

I think the Bojonegoro flood, or another disaster that comes into East Java are because the human itself, deforestation, land conversion and chaotic planning contributed to the disasters.

That's why we must save our earth to prevent something like this.